Winter Holidays in Rethymnon: Active Things to Do

Winter Holidays in Rethymnon: Active Things to Do

Spending the winter holidays in Rethymnon? It may be the coldest time of the year but it is also a beautiful time of year to be here.  Here’s a list of the most active things to do.

Winter Holidays in Rethymnon

Crete’s mild and sunny Mediterranean climate is a blessing and that means your winter holidays in Rethymnon will be very atmospheric.  It will be a Cretan kind of winter.  In January and February, the temperatures can fall below 14 C requiring a winter coat (cold for Crete), but the good thing is the air will be clear and fresh.  The sunlight will still shine brilliantly too which will be ideal for your Instagrammable shots of Crete’s gorgeous landscape.

While basking in that winter sunshine, you’ll be sure to eat great local food, visit the museums, sip a Greek coffee and see the island as it is in the off season.  We also suggest considering the more active things to do.

Active Things to Do in Rethymnon: Winter Holidays

Ski in Crete

While spending the winter holidays in Rethymnon, you can ski! It won’t be the experience you’d expect from the world-class resorts of northern Europe, but it is a possibility to ski.  It really depends on the snowfall around the island’s highest mountain called Mount Psiloritis or Mount Ida.

Part of its highest peak Timios Stavros (2456m) is located between Rethymnon and Heraklion.  Snowboarding and skiing experiences are possible if there is a significant snowfall. If you want to ski in some of the most exotic locations in the world, this would be one of them. For more information, check out the ski resort’s blog.

Hiking in Rethymnon

Gorgeous hiking trails cross the island and some of the most beautiful paths run through Rethymnon.  The trails in the Amari valley are a local favorite.  Also head up to the trails around Mount Psiloritis which are accessible from both the Nida Plateau and Fourfouras.

Also consider hiking Crete’s many gorges. In Rethymnon, check out the Kourtaliotiko Gorge, the Kotsifou Gorge and the Patsos Gorge.  If you want to take short day trip out to neighboring Chania, mark the Omalos Gorge on your map.  The most famous gorge – and one Europe’s longest canyons – is called Samaria. It is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and hands down one of the most majestic natural sights in the country.

Go to the Beach

When in Crete you can enjoy the beach all year round. It just depends how cool you like the water.  Keep in mind there are more than 500 beaches across the island. In the winter they will all be pretty much empty – waiting just for you.

Surfing and Kite Surfing

While you are at the beach on a winter day, the only other people you will find there will likely be surfers and kite surfers.  The waves at some area beaches are perfect for water sports.  Take a trip to Falassarna Beach, just west of Rethymnon, and you might even find waves that rise up to three meters.

Walking Around Old Town Rethymnon

Finally, one of the best ways to get active during your winter holidays in Rethymnon is to simply go walking around Old Town Rethymnon. Keep in mind the Old Town is one of the best-preserved Renaissance cities in Europe and that charm and beauty is there to admire all year long.  Whether you walk through the cobbled, stone paths or stroll by the harbor and lighthouse, you’ll enjoy the pretty views and a quiet, off-season atmosphere.   

Have you ever been to a Mediterranean destination in the winter?

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