Why to Choose Greece for your Next Holiday

Why to Choose Greece for your Next Holiday

For decades now, Greece has been a premier holiday destination for both the experienced traveller as well as the first time visitor. This is because Greece rewards on every level, from its unparalleled natural beauty, to its cultural and archaeological wealth, and every pleasure in between.  Greece is the ideal destination for everyone – families with young children, holiday scholars, adventure-seeking backpackers, couples looking for the ultimate romantic getaway. We give you plenty of reasons why to choose Greece for your next holiday, read on.

Why to Choose Greece for your Next Holiday

why you should visit Greece for your next holiday

Travel Free from Concerns about Safety and Health

Greece combines the interest of the truly exotic, with all the conveniences and securities familiar from home. Visitors will enjoy the feeling of safety and security they have in this extremely friendly, family-oriented and civilized society. Safety is not the first concern of many travelers, but it is actually a tremendous factor to consider when planning a holiday. Greece’s notably peaceful society gives a great peace of mind, and contributes to a welcome sense of freedom.

Fisherman prepares his nets for fishing..

Medical assistance in Greece is professional and affordable (in fact, this is a premier medical tourism destination). The water is not just drinkable, but delicious. Food quality and food safety standards are excellent. 

Cultural Enrichment

Greece is blessed with extraordinary cultural wealth. Your first sight of the Parthenon is surely something you’ll never forget. And significant archaeological excavations are everywhere throughout the nation – Delphi, Epidaurus, Knossos, Dion, and Vergina are just a few of the hundreds of ancient sights and excavations from which the past speaks to us.

Caryatids in Athens

You’ll be surprised at how many names and places you recognize. Ancient history falls into place and truly takes on meaning here. Greece is, after all, the birthplace of the collective cultural heritage of the western world – this is a heritage that belongs to us all. You don’t need to be a scholar to take full advantage of the experience. Greece’s Ministry of Culture is dedicated to providing fascinating and easily accessible information. A simple museum visit is a delightful education, something lasting to take back home with you. And it’s never too early to engage the vivid imaginations of children; visiting Greece can give them a lasting enthusiasm for history and culture.

Minoan civilization

And it’s not just Ancient Greek civilization that will capture your imagination. Reaching back further, discover the glory and mystery of the Minoan civilization that flourished for centuries in Crete. And every civilization since then has wanted a piece of this heavenly corner of the earth: you will find grand Roman ruins, enchanting examples of Venetian architecture, Medieval romance, and exotic Ottoman structures – all this in addition to the glorious Neo-Classicism of the 19th century. Greece’s traditional vernacular architectural styles – the honest, rustic simplicity of country stone houses, the stark beauty of the pure white houses of Cycladic islands, the multicolored charms of the alleys lining harbor towns – will also enchant you.

Santorini island

Diversity of Experience

Do you love a day at beach? You can do no better. This small country has over 13,000 kilometers of coastline, with world-famous beaches of every description, and waters of such amazing colors they could leave poets wordless. Your friends will think you photo-shopped your holiday snapshots. 

Why to choose Greece for your next holiday
Balos beach in Chania Crete

But Greece is so much more than its stunning coastline. It’s a climbers’ and adventurers’ paradise, with its mountains, gorges, and deep forest trails. Conservationists of all ages will appreciate the diversity of Greece’s natural habitats for protected species, like the Caretta Caretta sea turtle, or the Monachis Monachus seal. Ornithologists from all over the world converge in Greece’s wetlands – prime birding locations.

Caretta Caretta sea turtle

Urban travelers will be equally delighted. Art, design, and fashion fill Greece’s cities and even its well-known island destinations, offering a sophisticated experience in authentic, unique settings. 

Gastronomy and Oenology

The Ancient Greeks banqueted with finesse and gusto, and nothing has changed since then. The finest extra-virgin olive oil and the most fragrant honey grace dishes. The seas are teeming with delicacies – fish, shellfish, shrimps, mussels, even sweet exotic sea urchin roe. The tomatoes are juicy and sweet, the grapes like perfume, and if you have never tasted a fresh fig in Crete, then you have never really tasted a fresh fig. 

Tasty figs

Artisanal foods are not a fashion in Greece; they’re just the way things have always been done. Hand-rolled pastas, delicate phyllo pastry, regional seasoned and cured meats and sausages, breads baked in wood burning ovens, hand-made cheeses, wines from Ancient grape varietals, and small batch distilled spirits are simply part of everyday life.

Traditional pastry

The Human Element

All of these delights would be worth little if they didn’t come from the heart. And what a heart – Greece’s hospitality has famously deep roots. The ancient concept of ‘philoxenia’ (love and kindness toward strangers) was more than a custom – it was a sacred obligation. Even in the modern day, you can still enjoy a personal experience of Greece, an authentic connection with the people and their culture. This – more than the nature, the archaeology, or the cuisine – is what attaches travelers so deeply to Greece, and keeps them returning year after year. 

Traditional film pastry dough maker in Rethymno

We hope that we’ve convinced you to choose Greece for your next holiday. See you in Crete!

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