Visit Cretan Wineries

Visit Cretan Wineries

Visit Cretan wineries for a look and taste of Cretan wines which are considered some of the best in Greece.

Cretan Wineries: A Unique History

Crete’s ancient Minoan civilization was known for wine making.  The Minoans were prosperous wine merchants and traded and sold it all over the Mediterranean.

The Minoan wine trade thrived thousands of years ago and today the tradition continues in another form.  Cretan wines are known to be some of the best in the Mediterranean, produced with native and international grape varieties that thrive on Cretan soil. Over the past few decade or so, new wineries are showing off the award-winning quality wines of the island.

Visit Cretan Wineries

If you love tasting wine during your travels, be sure to visit our special Cretan wineries.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to sample wines produced from Kotsifali, Liatiko and Mandaliara red grape varieties.  If you love whites, excellent white wines are made from Vidiano, Thrapsathiri, Vilana and Athiri grape varieties.

If you want to visit Cretan wineries, take an easy day trip from our villa and consider wine tasting at one (or more) of the venues below:

Anoskeli Winery

Chania –

The Anosekli Winery was named after its small village, founded in 1983 by the local Mamidakis family.  Anoskeli first established its name in another thriving Cretan food industry: olive oil.

In 2011, the Mamidakis family successfully entered the wine industry and introduced excellent local wines under the Ano Playa label.  Here you can taste dry white, dry red and dry rose wines made from several local varieties such as Vdiano and Vilana.

The Klados Winery


This family-run winery started under the direction and passion of Manolis Klados, a local chemist and oenologist.  The winery, known for having state-of-the-art wine making equipment, can be found in the beautiful Moylopotamos region in the town of Skepasti.

Scalani Hills Boutari Winery

Heraklion – 

Elegant yet contemporary, this winery is considered one of the best in Crete. Book a wine tasting here and you can taste wines with flavorful Cretan plates.  There’s also a scenic dining area under the shade of pretty vines. The luxury Scalani Hills Residences, a beautiful boutique property, is located here too – overlooking the vineyard.

Silva Daskalaki Winery

Heraklion –

The Silva Winery is a small but lovely vineyard where you can gain deeper insight into the vinification of local Cretan wines.  The winery schedules three different guided tours of the property which include wine tastings and a tour of the various facilities and bottling areas.

Douloufakis Winery

Heraklion –

The Douloufakis Winery is another one of the best Cretan wineries. The wines produced here are a perfect mix of both Cretan and foreign grape varieties. You can try the wines at this Dafne winery and discover your new favorite wines easily while sampling local Cretan dishes that go along with them.  The Douloufakis Winery is known for its labels: Femina from Malvasia di Candia Aromatica or the Vidiano from the Aspros Lagos (White Hare) line.

Visit Cretan wineries and like our other guests, you’ll be sure to find a favorite wine that you’ll want to ship a few boxes of it back home.  Have you visited an excellent winery during your travels around the world?

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