Villages of Rethynmon: Asteri village

Villages of Rethynmon: Asteri village

Asteri village is one of Rethymnon’s most charming villages, a place to explore just outside the front doors of Amazing Villas in Crete.

Villages of Rethymnon: Asteri

On your way to Amazing Villas? You’ll be right in the heart of a little Cretan village called Asteri. In Greek, asteri means star. Legend has it, Asteri earned this nickname from a shiny marble lionhead faucet that once decorated a public fountain.

While the faucet may not be around anymore, there are other things to do and see. Here’s what you’ll find in our town.

Where is Asteri

Asteri is 14 kilometers outside of Rethymnon’s old town.  It is also near major sights including the storied and historic Arkadi Monastery (11 kilometers).

Asteri is within easy reach of beautiful gorges including Mili, Prasanos and Patsos (Tsirita) which are perfect day trips for nature lovers. Of course, there’s a Cretan beach nearby.  A short drive (5 kilometers) brings you to beautiful Stavromenos beach.

What to See and Do in Asteri

Amazing villas in Crete - Asteri village monument
Asteri Village – Monument

For anyone looking for a glimpse of traditional village life in Crete, Asteri is a perfect stop.  It’s a calm, quiet little place where only about 50 full time residents live.  You can explore easily and even meet the friendly locals along the way.

Visit the Folk Museum of Asteri

The village is quite proud of its beautiful and wonderfully maintained folk museum.  It was established by local families.

Even the owners of the Amazing Villas in Crete, the Skordillis family, donated artefacts and photos to the museum.

Browse through vintage items and time worn furniture, black and white photos, crafts and lots of traditional pottery.  Then, have a fantastic meal in the tavern. See the next thing to do.

Spiti Tou Poliou

The Folk Museum of Asteri is attached to Spiti Tou Poliou, the town’s ambient and traditional restaurant taverna.

Everything is great here. The traditional pork apaki is a must. One of their famous house specialties is eggplant in a sweet tomato sauce.

In the spring, summer and warm autumn months you’ll love dining in the tavern’s pretty outdoor courtyard which is flanked by stone walls and lined with trees.

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Monument to the German Resistance

Anniversary event in memory of the victims during the German occupation – Monument to the German Resistance – Amazing villas in Crete

In town, you’ll find a monument to those who lost their lives when the Germans attacked Crete in 1941. That June, the Germans executed a total of 14 people for participating in the war. It was one of the first mass executions in Crete.

Have a Coffee at Romeo and Juliet

For a nice coffee break and a bit of Greek meze, head to our neighboring village called Hamalevri. Romeo and Juliet coffee shop is a local favorite.

As you can see, Asteri village is a quiet but special little place. It is also the proud home to our Amazing Villas in Crete.

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