The Carnival of Rethymno is an institution of culture and creation, through which Rethymno highlights its long history, its rich tradition and the particular identity of its people. The new era of this festivity started in Rethymno in 1993 but it exists since 1914, when the first signs of humor are dated.

So, in 1914 the first Carnival of Rethymno was organized, bringing the original mark of the intentions of the people of Rethymno. Through the years, these intentions turned into actions that exceeded every time the expectations of their inspirers and finally turned to be an amazing event: the Carnival of Rethymno, a live organism, tending to reverse the natural route of life: the “older” it’s getting the better it is becoming!

The people of Rethymno welcome “His Majesty the Carnival King” with romantic dances and the appropriate honors. The Treasure Hunt, an old custom dating back to when the Carnival of Rethymno began about a century ago, was the reason for the creation of ‘teams’ in 1990, which would give birth once again to this old tradition. The Carnival of Rethymno is worthily established as the Carnival of Crete!

Τhe 2017 Rethymno’s Carnival schedule of events…

22/01/2017 Sunday:   Teenage Treasure Hunt

04/02/2017 Saturday: Opening Ceremony

04 & 05/02/2017:       Kids Treasure Hunt

10/02/2017 Friday:    Crews Party for Treasure Hunt

11-12/02/2017:          28th Treasure Hunt

14/02/2017 Tuesday: Old Greek Serenades

17/02/2017 Friday:     Crews Dance 2017

24/02/2017 Friday:     Cretan Serenades

25/02/2017 Saturday: Kid’s & Night parade

26/02/2017 Sunday:   The Grand Parade

27/02/2017 Monday:   Ash Monday

Written by Amazing Villas In Crete