Our Local Picks: Rethymnon Old Town Restaurants

Our Local Picks: Rethymnon Old Town Restaurants

Looking for a delicious Greek meal in Rethymnon Old Town? Here are the restaurants set in the heart of the old town that we love.

Where to Eat in Rethymnon Old Town

Set along our old town’s distinct stone and cobbled lanes are dozens of traditional Greek eateries, fine dining restaurants and dessert cafes.  In fact, Rethymnon is known throughout Crete as having some of the best local food.


Perhaps you are looking to have a relaxing lunch, a special dinner, a quick bite or need to satisfy a craving for dessert.  Check out our local picks of Rethymnon Old Town restaurants.



Avli (Xanthoudidou 22) is one of Rethymnon Old Town’s best restaurants specializing in Cretan cuisine. The outdoor dining spaces are set in a fantastic and beautifully decorated garden. You can choose to sit right outside the doors to the restaurant in the paths of Rethymnon Old Town and watch the foot traffic pass by. The building itself was a Venetian mansion built in the 16thcentury.  www.avli.gr


Another one of the best Rethymnon Old Town Restaurants is Veneto (Epimenidou 4). Like Avli, this restaurant has been converted a historical old town mansion into a sophisticated Cretan dining experience. Veneto is also known for its fantastic wine list.  The wine cellar was made 600 years ago and is well stocked with 150 labels from all over the country and the world.  www.veneto.gr

1600 Raki Ba Raki

1600 Raki Ba Raki (Arabatzoulou 17) is a colorful and lively restaurant embellished in vintage Greek décor. There’s a deli section and parts of the restaurant look like an old grocery. We think it’s the best place for Cretan mezes, which are delicious little plates of vegetables, fish, seafood or meat. Cretan mezes must savored slowly and enjoyed with the Cretan raki.  We love Raki Ba Raki’s meze selections including sardines stuffed with herbs, local sausage bites or mussels steamed with Greek spices.


If you plan to holiday in Greece you must experience an authentic Greek taverna.  One of our favorites is Othonos (Titou Petichaki Square 27). This cozy, family-run taverna has been a name in the old town for decades.  You can choose from a wide range of traditional Greek and Cretan plates. We love the simple décor and relaxed atmosphere.  Try the Greek salads and appetizers to start. Then order hearty meat dishes like lamb and beef stews accompanied by the Greek potatoes platter.

Xatziparaschou Kataifi

One of the most famous eateries in Rethymnon old town isn’t a restaurant but a dessert workshop run by our own local “celebrity” Giorgos Xatziparaschou (Vernardou Emmanouil 30). He has been making the traditional Greek dessert called kataifi here for more than 50 years and he’s still going strong. Go inside and watch him prepare the special string like dough to create his version of the well-loved, honey-drenched Greek dessert. You’ll also find his business partner and very sweet wife Katerina behind the cashier.  Be sure to take home a box to enjoy back at the villa!

Do any of these Rethymnon Old Town restaurants look good to you? Which one would you like to experience first?

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