Every season of the year, Crete offers to visitors special delights and vivid memories, no matter what their preferences and tastes may be: relaxation, recreation, revitalization, nature acknowledgement, cultural experience, adventure, agro- tourism. The range of choices is endless, both in eastern and western Crete.

In addition to all the above, the world famous Cretan nutrition, the Cretan products that Greeks really appreciate, the fully formed and most famous regional cuisine of Greece, the Cretan Cuisine, prove that it is  more than obvious that Crete reserves for its guests excellent taste delights that come along with wine tourism in Crete.

The production of wine in Crete has an old history and the vineyards of the island are historical. For Cretans, the participation and the setup of the wine events are traditional. So, there was always the possibility for wine tourism in Crete. In the recent years, however, wineries that have the infrastructure and can be visited are twice as more as they were in the past years and since 2007 there is an active Network of Winemakers of Heraklion for eastern Crete and one Network in Chania for western Crete.

Thus, there are all the conditions that offer the visitors the opportunity to experience a high level Wine Tourism and unforgettable tastes served with wine from the vineyards of Crete.

Cretan wines are a valuable heritage of traditional varieties, harmonized to the climatic conditions of the island. The number of local varieties, diversity and uniqueness of various winery regions, the long tradition that Cretan have in wine production, are the guarantees for the quality of the current wine of Crete.

New varieties are tested, new aromas and tastes are highlighted, that provide the consumer fine wines that satisfy all tastes and requirements.

Local varieties:

Vilana: The island’s white star, Vilana, makes an appearance in the PDO Peza or Sitia wines with its fascinating fine aroma, its light taste and its refreshing lemon-scented acidity.

Vidiano: Unique apricot aroma, rich body, transfixing creamy taste. These elements make Vidiano the rising diva of the Cretan vineyard and justify its qualifying as Greece’s Viogner!

Thrapsathiri: A variety grown everywhere in Crete, offering balanced wines, rich in flavor. This is where the white PDO Sitia wines draw their particular taste from.

Liatiko: Excellent red variety which may be lacking in color, but offers unique sweetness and character. The mind-blowing sweet and dry PDO Sitia and Dafnes wines are indisputable proof.

Muscat of Spina: This clone of Muscat is a small-grape treasure. In fact, its thin skin skyrockets the fine character of the dry wines it offers.

Plyto: Yet another variety recently saved from extinction, Plyto completes the mosaic of Cretan aromas and tastes with its refreshing acidity, its lemon scent and its lightness.

Mantilari: Wild and untamed like the Cretan land and its people, Mantilari is considered to be the king of native red varieties. This is where the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Peza and Archanes wines draw their strength from.

Written by Amazing Villas In Crete