Honeymooning in Romantic Crete

Honeymooning in Romantic Crete

Greece’s largest island makes one of the world’s most romantic honeymoon destinations. Crete is packed with natural and cultural attractions, exciting activities, and culinary pleasures. Discover some of our reasons for honeymooning in Romantic Crete. 

Honeymooning in Romantic Crete: Plan Your Perfect Honeymoon 

There’s no place like home

Amazing villas in Crete

For total privacy and freedom, renting a villa in a beautiful setting is the perfect choice. You’ll have the comforts of a hotel, but the freedoms and conveniences of home, a perfect place to come back to after exploring. It’s a big island- a central location makes explorations easy, where nothing is more than two or three hours away.

Road trip

Honeymoon in Romantic Crete
Chania harbor

Crete is easy to get around, full of scenic drives, rambling mountain roads, picturesque villages. It’s a great place to have no agenda at all- just let the day unfold as you discover the island together. One secret drive visitors and locals love is the Gorge of Therissos- short but so beautiful! Delicious grilled meats await you in the base of the mountains. Another is Chania to Paleochora. On the other hand, there are some specific sights you may not want to miss, depending on your own interests and passions.

Culture and History


One of Greece’s most interesting excavations is Knossos. This fabulous Palace is from the Minoans, an advanced culture that flourishes millennia from the Golden Age of Greece that brought us the Parthenon. Sir Arthur Evans’ enthusiastic restoration in the early 20th century brings the palace to life —  the famous frescoes have been reproduced on site. And the place itself is beautiful and dramatic with its deep red walls. This is the site of famous myths, including that of the Minotaur. For couples more serious about archaeology, the world class Archaeological Museum of Herakleion- containing significant findings from the site- is essential.

Urban Living, Venetian Style

Old venetian Port Rethymnon

The Venetians loved Crete- so much so that they made it their own for centuries. That means that the main cities are filled with the romance of Venetian architecture- fortresses, palaces, villas. The old towns and harbor areas of Rethymnon and Chania are particularly charming, filled with mysterious winding cobblestone alleys, scented with jasmine, lined with charming shops, restaurants, and café-bars.

Hiking to the shores of the Libyan Sea

Samarian Gorge

One of the most famous hikes in Greece- indeed of anywhere- is the Samarian Gorge. The hike of about 16 kilometers is all downhill. But it’s still a challenge, descending from 1230 meters and very steep at first. The scenery is spectacular! When you reach the shores of the south coast of the island hours later, you can refresh yourself with a swim. This hike is followed by a mini cruise- the only way to get in and out of Agia Roumeli. From Sougia, you can get a bus back to Chania.

Beaches – Take your pick of these beauties

Crete has a diverse landscape with absolutely astonishing beaches, each with its own specific character. In the more remote eastern end, Vai is more than a pristine white beach- it’s also a palm forest- the largest date palm forest in Europe.


Everyone loves Elafonissi- a pink sandy beach that also has an island covered with wild flowers. You can wade to the island through crystal waters. Remote and unspoiled Sougia on the south coast is perfect for those seeking a little solitude and unusually clear seas- the south coast’s waters are known for their refreshing temperatures.


The caves at Matala were formed in the Neolithic era- but today we know them best from their rediscovery by hippies who camped out here in the 1960’s. It now makes a fun stop off for a ‘summer of love’, and the beach really is gorgeous. Or perhaps you’d like to honeymoon like Prince Charles and Princess Diana, in which case you should check out Balos, a dreamy lagoon in the northwest corner of the island.

Domestic Bliss

Foodie couple will love the markets of Crete- the traditional covered markets, specialty cheese shops, artisanal bakers, farmers’ markets. Crete has its own distinctive cuisine: try tiny green olives steeped in lemon, creamy myzithra cheese from goats’ milk, thick thyme honey, tomatoes sweeter than peaches, or the special island ‘cucumbers’ called ‘azouria’. And don’t forget the mysterious sherry-like Cretan wine Marouvas, or some tsicoudia or raki- the pure distilled spirit of Crete. Making culinary discoveries together, then returning to your own villa for an impromptu feast of local specialties may be the most romantic meal of your whole honeymoon.

We hope that we’ve inspired you to spend you honeymoon in Crete. 

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