10 Reasons to Stay at Amazing Villas in Crete

10 Reasons to Stay at Amazing Villas in Crete

From location to local ties, there are many great reasons to stay at the Amazing Villas in Crete.

Stay at the Amazing Villas in Crete

Where you will stay during your holidays in Crete is an important decision to make! You want to find the perfect place and there are many factors to consider.    Here are 10 reasons why you will want to stay at the Amazing Villas in Crete.

1 – Location, Location, Location

Location is definitely one of the top reasons to stay at the Amazing Villas in Crete.  Crete is a big island and it takes hours to drive across it.  Our villas are located in Rethymnon which is one of the most beautiful cities in Crete. Rethymnon also happens to be right in between the other two most-visited destinations in Crete: Chania and Heraklion.

Amazing villas in Crete - Villa Asteri
Amazing villas in Crete – Villa Asteri

Stay at the villas and you’ll be about an hour’s drive away to the fantastic sights Chania and Heraklion and a closer drive to Rethymnon itself which is full of fantastic sights. Rethymnon boasts the prettiest Venetian Old Town in all of Europe and it’s only a 10-minute drive away.

2 – Close to the Beach

When villa guests come to Crete, much of the time they want to experience a Cretan beach. It’s a good idea. We agree!  Crete has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The good news is that Amazing Villas is within easy reach to them. Either you can take it easy and drive to nearby beautiful beaches in Rethymon. Or, you can take a day trip and spend the day at some stunning beaches located across the island.

3- Tucked Away but Not Too Secluded

What makes Amazing Villas in Crete even more special is that it is tucked away but not too secluded.  What do we mean by that?

Asteri village

We’re located in Asteri, which is a small village in the Rethymon region, a 15-mnute drive away from the Old Town of Rethymnon.  The property itself is perched on a quiet hillside which offers a feeling like you are away from it all.  Yet, you can still reach various sights and other areas in Crete with ease.

4- Asteri

Our location in the village of Asteri is another reason to stay at the Amazing Villas. Why? It is an authentic village.

You can spend an afternoon poking through the local Folklore Museum which was established by locals. It is attached to the family run Poliou Taverna. The taverna’s open-air courtyard is magical in the summer. Cretans come from far and wide just for the local specialties.  You’ll want to eat here every day. Plus, it is just a short walk away.

5 – Privacy – For Couples, Friends and Families

Staying at the Amazing Villas means you are guaranteed privacy.  Each villa is separate from the other and there are only olive trees and fruit trees immediately surrounding the area.  For days, you may just want to lounge by the pool to enjoy peace and quiet, read a book, sip a drink or take a nap.  The villas all have plenty of room on the balconies and have several outdoor dining spaces.

This kind of privacy is perfect for all types of travelers. We’ve had couples, groups of friends and families enjoy the villas.

6- Local Flair

Another one of the best things about staying at the Amazing Villas is that you’ll be surrounded by the comforts of a modern villa with local architectural influences. We think that experiencing local flavor is important when traveling. That’s why we made sure Cretan elements were designed in each villa.

7 – Sea and Mountain Views

It’s always a plus when you can have the best of both worlds. At the Amazing Villas in Crete, the view is gives you just hat. From our properties, you can enjoy both sea views and mountain views. As you may already know, Crete is famous for its natural beauty. Our location offers guests a taste of that right from their villa windows and balconies.

8- Fantastic Pool

A great villa in Greece must have a great pool. At the Amazing Villas in Crete, each villa has a full-size private pool. There are sun loungers, ample dining spaces and free spaces to simply relax.

9 – Close to Rethymnon

We may be biased, but Rethymnon is the best city to visit in Crete! We love the sights that are nearby.  The Old Town is worth exploring and so are the beaches, the museums, the Arkadi monastery and the beautiful villages such as Margarites, Argyropoli or Spili.

Rethymnon – Venetian Fortezza Fortress


10 – We’re Family Owned

We’re run by a Cretan family who happens to be from Asteri village. That’s why we love hosting guests here – it’s our hometown.  Two generation of the Skordillis family pitch in to make sure each guest has a wonderful stay.  We know our island so well so we’re happy to give advice and make sure you receive the best hospitality. We pride ourselves on offering the best.

That sums up what makes a stay at our villas in Rethymnon so special! To book your holiday at the Amazing Villas in Crete, click here.

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